Gentleladies Of DGR

Posted 6 years ago

Over the past 4 years we have had more and more ladies participate in The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride with an estimated 3500 taking part in 2015. They have stoically ridden side by side with distinguished gentlemen to help battle prostate cancer and raise awareness. They ride for their brothers, fathers, sons and for men worldwide. We thank these sterling sisters for their comraderie and hope to see more dapper ladies for DGR 2016!

This photo collection features gentleladies from all corners of the world dressing dapper and riding for a great cause.

Ljubljana, Slovenia - Klemen Korenjak

Copenhagen, Denmark - Thue Petersen

London, England - Mihail Jershov

Paris, France - Laurent Nivalle

London, England - Nuttapool Phiriyawatkul

London, England - Sarah Elvin

Los Angeles, USA - Anastasia Petukhova

Perth, Australia - RSK Photography / San Francisco, USA - Laif Gilbertson

Rotterdam, Netherlands - David Marvier

New York, USA - Geoff Barrenger

Rotterdam, Netherlands - David Marvier


San Francisco, USA - I Shoot From The Hip


Sydney, Australia - Baptiste David


Sydney, Australia - Scott Hopkin


Sydney, Australia - My Media Sydney


Sydney, Australia - Scott Hopkin


Vienna, Austria - Benjamin Zotter


Zurich, Switzerland - Christian Jung

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